List Graduate Courses

List Graduate Courses

Sebastian Buhai’s List of (Internal) Graduate Courses


NB. See my extended CV for a list of graduate summer schools/ external courses.


Courses counting for the Master of Philosophy in Economics (MPhil) degree (internal and external)

TI0103 Microeconomics. Instructor: M. Janssen (EUR), G. van der Laan (VU)

TI0104 Macroeconomics. Instructors: C. van Marrewijk (EUR), C. Teulings (EUR), C. van Ewijk (UvA)

TI0105 Economic Theory of the Organization part I. Instructor: J. Hinloopen (UvA)

TI0106 Advanced Econometrics. Instructors: M. Verbeek (EUR/ Leuven), H. van Dijk (EUR)

TI0107 Applied Microeconometrics. Instructors: R. Alessie (UU), M. Lindeboom (VU), G. van den Berg (VU)

TI0111 Econometrics of Program Evaluation. Instructor G. Ridder (University of Southern California)

TI0120 Modern Labour Economics. Instructors: C. Teulings (EUR), G. van den Berg (VU)

TI0121 Economics of Education. Instructor H. Oosterbeek (UvA)

TI0124 Economics of Networks. Instructor: S. Goyal (U. of Essex/ EUR)

TI0132 Contract Theory. Instructor K. Diaw (Tilburg/ UvA)

TI0150 Economic Theory of the Organization part II. Instructor: S. Martin (Purdue University/ UvA)

NA0212 Fiscal Policy in Small Open Economies. Instructor: L. Bovenberg (Tilburg)

Other courses taken while in the PhD (internal and external)

NA0266 Experimental Economics. Instructors: A. Schram (UvA), J. Sonnemans (UvA)

TI0114 The Political Economy of Trade and Competition Policies. Instructor: D. Nelson (Tulane U.)

KNAW Masterclass Creation and Returns of Social Capital. Instructor: H. Esser (U. of Mannheim)- one-day course

NA0362 Spatial Econometrics. Instructor: J.P. Elhorst (U. of Groningen)

NA0395 Recent Reform in Tax and Social Security Systems. Instructor: R. Gradus (Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Well Being)

NA0301 Education, Earnings and Risk. Instructor: J. Hartog (UvA)

Econometric Institute Lectures: Analysis of Treatment Response for Decision Making. Main instructor: C. Manski (Northwestern U.)-3 days course

EDePo Master Class: Credit and Insurance Systems for Growth and Development. Instructor: R.M. Townsend (Chicago U.)- 2 days course

OECR Basic Course for Teacher Training. Instructor: C.J. van Horzen (EUR)- teaching skills course

Note: TI courses are offered by the Tinbergen Institute ; NA courses are offered by NAKE, the Netherlands Network of Economics (Netwerk Algemene en Kwantitatieve Economie); KNAW is the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen); The Econometric Institute Lectures are intensive workshops offered by the Econometric Institute within Erasmus University Rotterdam; the EDePo Master Class was offered by the Department of Economics of University College London (UCL) and the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS); OECR is the Educational Expert Centre Rotterdam (Onderwijskundig Expertise Centrum Rotterdam);