Sebastian Buhai's Miscellaneous Articles (mostly in Romanian)


NB. You can also find some of my opinions in interviews/ related other material accessible via my mass-media coverage page.

Selection of some more recent essays/ presentations (from 2007 onward):


Below you can read a few older (before 2007) articles and presentations, on various topics, published in various Romanian mass-media (online and/or in print format), aimed for the large public. In general I tried to keep the order chronological, as from most recent to oldest, but that is not always guaranteed... Click on the pdf images next to the titles in order to download the papers (or follow the links to where you can read it online).

First some short articles (in the un-edited version) published within the Educational Supplement of the newspaper Gandul, on the lives of several Nobel Laureates (that section is actually called, in direct translation from Romanian, "the Nobel Laureates are also humans..."). I don't know yet if I will continue with this series.


I also published a very short economic article (the most difficult part was to keep it that short)  in the newspaper Cotidianul

I wrote another article 

initially for the same newspaper Cotidianul but apparently they did not like it (I say "apparently",  since in fact I was never given a reason for "why not", which is what I would have expected from rational people) so at the very end of the day I ended up just posting it on my blog. Well, who's interested will find it, read it and- you're welcome to, by the way- comment on it and on anything else that you find on this page.

I continue with some articles that were initially published on the Romanian online independent portal "Romania, Libera in Viitor" (RLIV), within its weekly electronic publication called "ACUM" (you can find all other articles I wrote for RLIV-ACUM here) and sometimes also in other places.

Highlights (especially articles concerned with science and research policy in Romania): 

My questions concerning the status of scientific research in Romania from the second part of this article (the essay was published here, in the RLIV-ACUM's "Research, Science, Technology" (in Romanian: "Cercetare, Stiinta, Tehnologie") section that I founded and maintained as editor until June 2005), inspired from the questions addressed by the prestigious journal Science to the USA presidential candidates and addressed to the Romanian presidential candidates in 2004, were publicly sustained by means of open letters, by the Ad-Astra Association of Romanian Researchers (in Romanian: Asociatia "Ad-Astra" a Cercetatorilor Romani), the Romanian Academic Forum (in Romanian: Forumul Academic Roman=FAR) and by several scientists of Romanian origin, including the Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor George Emil Palade. Some accounts in the mass-media and on the web sites of the organizations involved can be read in what follows: press communicate FAR, press communicates Ad-Astra, open letter signed also by Prof. Palade, other echoes in the Romanian mass-media: Evenimentul Zilei (also here and here), Ziua (also here), Romanian Global News (also here). Two of the Romanian presidential candidates answered the questions, Mr. Marko Bela and Mr. Adrian Nastase. A reaction of FAR to these two answers can be read here

This short essay  is the result of a joint brainstorming of several Romanian scientists working in research outside Romania, voluntarily organized in a taskforce to help the Romanian Ministry of Education in its planned reform of the Romanian High Education and Research sectors- it summarizes imperative measures needed to reform the doctoral programs in Romania and to consequently contribute to the rebirth of the Romanian doctoral prestige. It was published here, in the section "Cercetare, Stiinta, Tehnologie" of RLIV-ACUM. Miruna Munteanu wrote an excellent article related to this document in Ziua.

I wrote this essay linked above  for the conference "Migration of Young Romanian Researchers: Performances and Possibilities of Return", organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute (Institutul Cultural Roman=ICR) in Sinaia,October 2004. The essay can be found on the site of the ICR, it was published also on RLIV-ACUM (here with the abstract in the beginning as well), and in the Ad-Astra Journal.

Some people in the audience totally disagreed with me :-), but that presentation got me something like 11 subsequent interviews with Romanian TV channels and press... 


Other articles  published in RLIV-ACUM:


* Click on the pdf image next to the title in order to download the paper.