Sebastian Buhai’s University College Utrecht Papers (Selection)



Employment and Skills in the Netherlands, Fall 2000


International Law

Customary Law Assessment and Applications: Capital Punishment for Juvenile Offenders, Feb 2001
Quo Vadis, the World Bank? The Position of the World Bank in the Human Rights Field, Nov 2000
Supranational Elements within the International Labor Organization, Mar 2001

Legal Theory

Judicial Review: Eastern Europe at the End of the Millennium , Fall 1999
Lawyers and Moral Activism: Confidentiality versus Candor, Fall 1999

Moot Courts

ECJ: Oleg & Delilag vs Urepose Applicant, Spring 2000
ECJ:Oleg & Delilah vs. Urepose Respondent, Spring 2000
ICJ: Kuraca vs. Senhava Applicant, Fall 2000
ECJ: Milos vs. Madretsma Respondent, Spring 2001

Political Science

3rd Parliament Chamber: Popular Sector, Nov 1999
Romania: Statute of Ethnic Minorities, Dec 1999
Romania at the Gate of the Third Millennium: Integration or Isolation?, Spring 2000

Physics & Applied Mathematics

Quantum Physics Fighting Decoherence: Quantum Error-Correcting Codes, Dec 2000
Classical Solutions to Double Oscillator Field Theory, May 2001
Astrophysics On the Origin of Long-Period Comets: Competing Theories, Fall 2000
Subatomic Processes within Neutron Stars: From Ordinary to Exotic, Nov 2000
Applied Mathematics Considerations on Travelling Wave Solutions, Spring 1999
Opinions about the Netherlands Let’s go Dutch!, Spring 2000
Minority and Migration Policy: A Compromise Solution, Spring 2000
Opinion on the Official Hard-Drugs Experiments in the Netherlands, Spring 2000


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